Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney for Pensacola, FL

It is imperative to plan your estate to ensure that your wishes are carried out once you are not here to fulfill them yourself. 

Estate planning is the process of accumulating and disposing of an estate to maximize the goals of the estate bearer. Goals vary based on the bearer, though typically include ensuring that the greatest amount of the estate is passed onto the intended beneficiaries, paying the least amount of taxes, and avoiding/minimizing probate court involvement.

An estate planning attorney can help you sort through all of the financial assets and decisions that may come in to play. Estate planning can be beneficial at any age. If you have personal possessions, you have an estate and a right to make an advanced plan. Choose to work with a trusted estate planning attorney today by calling Edmund W. Holt in Pensacola, FL.

estate planning attorney Pensacola, FL

Our Estate Planning Attorney Can Answer Any Of Your Questions.

Some people are best served by a dedicated  estate planning attorney. Estate and probate law can be confusing and hard to understand. By choosing to work with an estate planning lawyer for your assets and matters of your estate, you can ensure everything is handled precisely as you intended. Attorney Edmund W. Holt has served numerous clients throughout the Pensacola, FL region. Let our firm show you the difference in our legal services. 

What Can An Estate Planning Attorney Take Care Of?

Estate planning attorneys provide a variety of services to clients, some of which include:
  • Living wills
  • Power of attorney
  • Estate tax issues
  • Probate court
  • Setting up trusts
  • Protecting assets
  • And much more!
If you're searching for a local attorney to handle any of these estate services, consider Edmund W. Holt of Pensacola, FL. He goes above and beyond for his clients, providing quality legal services that can't be matched. Before you make the choice on an estate planning attorney, set up a consultation to see how Attorney Holt can serve you.
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